Whitemarsh Is My Backyard

We Are All Connected...

Throughout my life, I have always tried to see the big picture. I believe that this perspective has enabled me to be successful in business, sports, and relationships. Stepping back to see the 

big picture gives me the opportunity to be mindful and connect the dots for a more complete understanding of issues.

You may have heard the phrase “not in my back yard.” While everyone has the absolute right to be concerned with what immediately impacts them, sometimes it’s important to view things through a wider lens to see how we are all connected.


For me, I like to think of all of Whitemarsh as my backyard. For example, I do not believe that zoning issues affect only those living 500 feet away from a given property. (500 feet is the current legal requirement for Whitemarsh to notify neighbors when a zoning change is proposed). 

We all breathe the same air. We are all disrupted by the same traffic jams. And we are all impacted by stormwater and its runoff. We are all connected, no matter where we live in the Township. 

I would be honored to be one of your Supervisors and a voice for all of Whitemarsh.


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Eli Glick for Whitemarsh Supervisor. 
An Independent Voice.
Eli Glick for Whitemarsh Supervisor. An Independent Voice.