Who Is Eli Glick?

Meet the Candidate

I was born in Philadelphia and lived in Oreland until I was nine years old.  My family moved to Vineland, New Jersey, where I was raised in a rural, tight-knit community.  When I wasn't playing soccer or another sport, I helped out in the family lumber and hardware business.  My parents taught me the value of working hard to achieve my goals.

For college, I came back to Philadelphia to attend Temple University and earned my degree in Physical Therapy in 1983.   After graduating, I opened my first PT practice in Bala Cynwyd and lived on the Montgomery County side of City Avenue near Saint Joseph's.  I enjoyed the community feeling and easy access to the city and western suburbs.

The early 90's saw tremendous growth along the City Avenue corridor.  Traffic was on the rise and, for me, the quality of life was declining.

I chose to escape the urban sprawl that was encroaching on my neighborhood and moved to bucolic Whitemarsh Township because of its uncongested roads, open spaces, and natural beauty. It was nearby Fort Washington State Park and its quiet, hikeable paths along the Wissahickon Creek that were particularly appealing to me. 

As a physical therapist, I spent most of my 30-year professional career in my own private practice, with my last office in Flourtown/Erdenheim.  My father was a self-made man who taught me the virtues of customer service. I adopted his way of caring for people by listening to their concerns and requesting feedback on how to do better. I believe that, to be successful, one must be introspective and accept criticism. This is necessary for growth.

The healthcare industry changed drastically over the years and required me to adapt and negotiate the ever-shifting landscape. Through creativity and hard work, I was able to reinvent my professional self to succeed despite many formidable industry challenges.

I am an avid gardener and enjoy spending time outdoors no matter what the elements. The roots of my appreciation and respect for the environment stem from being an alumnus of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), where the primary philosophy for outdoor exploration is “leave no trace.” I served as a Penn State Master Gardener for ten years, and I will be participating in an upcoming Penn State Master Watershed Stewardship program.  It is this lifelong interest in the outdoors and gardening that informs much of my environmental awareness.    


Now retired from clinical practice, I've become even more interested in giving back to my local community through various forms of volunteerism.  Participating in local government is another way I'd like to contribute. 

Eli Glick for Whitemarsh Supervisor
Eli Glick for Whitemarsh Supervisor

Pulling Back the Whitemarsh Curtain

I'm A Happy Person, But An Angry Citizen*

I have made it a priority to become involved in Whitemarsh government activities over the past few years. This has included serving on the Environmental Advisory Board and regular attendance at Board of Supervisor, Planning Commission, Shade Tree Commission and Zoning Hearing Board meetings.  I learned a lot by pulling back the Whitemarsh curtain.

Through these forums, I was alarmed to see that our Township Supervisors and the appointed paid staff have failed the residents of Whitemarsh. Our elected officials have not had a vision for the Township based on the desires and best interests of our citizens. 

The more I looked, the more questions I had. I could not get the answers I was seeking.  I asked honest questions that should have been given straight-forward answers. Unfortunately,  much of the information I received was factually incorrect, sanitized, or sugar coated.  I felt stonewalled. 

My direct approach and attempts to engage in productive exchanges earned me the epithet of "caustic"** from one of the Supervisors.  In reality, it is my drive to get the facts, speak out, and advocate for my community that makes others uncomfortable and hide from the issues.   

So, with much encouragement from friends and residents and in consultation with my wife, I have decided to run for Township Supervisor in the November general election. 

It's time for change. 

*I'm A Happy Person, But An Angry Citizen" - (Lewis Black, Comedian)

**Caustic [kaw-stik]  -  severely critical, harsh or sarcastic 

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Pulling Back the Whitemarsh Curtain
Pulling Back the Whitemarsh Curtain

Key Issues

Why I'm Running

These are the key issues that I have become increasingly concerned about over the recent years and have prompted me to run for Supervisor.

  1. Over-development in Whitemarsh
  2. Lack of transparency & poor communication of our local leaders
  3. Financial waste
  4. Environmental responsibility, including stormwater management and trash

Over-development In Whitemarsh

The surge of development over the recent years appears to be executed with a lack of big-picture planning and consideration for the residents of Whitemarsh. As a result, the health and welfare of Whitemarsh residents are being put at risk.  It seems that every bit of open space is being developed with townhouses.

How does over-development affect us?  

  • It has put our environmental resources in peril
  • Thousands of trees have been removed and not replanted
  • Fewer trees contributes to a deterioration in air quality
  • The removal of trees has led to rising stormwater problems, resulting in dangerous conditions and property damage
  • Traffic conditions are continuing to worsen, creating daily hardships for all
  • Overburdening of our school system

Lack of transparency & poor communication  

Whitemarsh should conduct all business in a transparent and open way.  This has not been the case.

  • The Township website is "broken."  The site is neither effective nor user friendly with valuable information such the recent Comprehensive Plan Update (2019)  inconspicuously positioned at the very bottom of the homepage.   This plan, if adopted, will affect ALL of Whitemarsh Township for years to come.

  • Social media sites, such as Facebook, should not be the primary source of Township information.  

  • Documentation and other materials that will be discussed at public meetings are not made available to the public prior to the meeting. 

  • The Township uses the "Right-To-Know" law as a hindrance for citizens to obtain rightful information. 

  • Elected public officials as well as residents appointed to Township boards and commissions have not disclosed in writing any existing conflicts of interest that may be present during the course of participation in Township business. 

Financial Waste & Belt Tightening

Planning and spending our dollars should be done in a mindful and measured way.


  • The current Board of Supervisors uses Whitemarsh TV as an official record for meetings. Yet, metrics for viewership do not exist. We are spending tax dollars without knowing if this is an effective way of communicating.

  • Many Whitemarsh programs are redundant and thus cost tax payers unnecessary spending.

  • In an effort to reduce consumption and environmental impact, printed materials from the Township should be phased out or vastly reduced as a form of communication. The "Whitemarsh Recreator" and "Whitemarsh Living" should be made available electronically through the Township website.  Residents could specifically opt in to request a mailed printed copy if they prefer.

 Environmental Responsibility 

  • The Township's carbon footprint is unacceptable.

  • The current practice of detention/retention basins to control stormwater has been ineffective.

  • The Township's tree canopy has been severely compromised.

  • Trash in public spaces is ineffectively managed.

  • Much of our open spaces are over-run with invasive plant species, and there is an absence of a global management plan.

  • Many of our roads and public spaces are inundated with trash and debris. This problem is not unique to Whitemarsh but, in my view, our problem has been worsening.  

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Eli Glick - Happy Person, Angry Citizen
Eli Glick - Happy Person, Angry Citizen

Ideas 4 Change

A Better Whitemarsh for All

Development - Amend zoning to protect the health, welfare and property of our residents.

  • Prior to any development, prospective builders, developers, and speculators should be required to meet with all near neighbors in a public setting and present the project in full detail. 

  • All development should be required to go before the Environmental Advisory Board for comment prior to any conditional use application.

  • Development on Township-owned properties must conform to the same building codes and ordinances that any commercial or residential property owner would have to comply with.

  • The current zoning code should be reviewed and amended to remove redundancies, and confusing language and be more in favor of protecting residents.  As an example, the term "Village Commercial" or "VC" was never intended to include townhouses.

 Lack of transparency & poor communication -  How to do better.

  • The Township website should be the official source for all information, with social media sites such as Facebook serving only as extensions to provide additional community content.

  • Residents should be welcomed and encouraged to participate at all meetings.

  • Any documentation or materials that will be discussed at a public meeting should be made available prior to the meeting with a reasonable amount of time for the residents to review.

  • As a general rule, Township information should be made readily available to residents if requested without the cumbersome requirements of filing a "Right-To-Know" application.

  • All elected public officials as well as residents appointed to Township boards and commissions should disclose any conflicts of interest that may be present during the course of participation in Township business. Likewise, all contributions from paid staff to any political party or candidate directly or indirectly should be disclosed. 

  • No paid staff or consultant to the Township should conduct any non-related Whitemarsh Township business without first receiving written approval from the Board of Supervisors. 

  • All members of Whitemarsh public boards and commissions, should have official Whitemarsh Township email addresses. The public has a right to communicate directly with these individuals.

Financial Waste & Belt Tightening - Making financial choices based on our Community's priorities. 


  • All Emergency Services should be a top priority.   Like the police department, Whitemarsh should fully fund its fire and rescue services. No longer can these services rely on charitable contributions as a major source of their budgets.  Budgeted emergency service items should be subjected to public oversight for financial transparency.   

  • To reduce unnecessary, duplicate spending, a more-collaborative relationship should be developed between Whitemarsh Parks and Recreation and the "Jeanes Library"*. They each offer overlapping programs and activities and both receive substantial funding from Township tax dollars.  

  • The current Board of Supervisors uses Whitemarsh TV as an official record for meetings. Metrics for viewership, which do not currently exist, should be generated and  evaluated to assess effectiveness and cost of Whitemarsh TV. A digital option such as a live streaming webcast could offer public interactivity where comment could be given in real time and remotely.  This alternative should be explored.

  • The public should be encouraged to participate in the budget process.  Community involvement will help drive how tax payer dollars are spent. 

*William Jeanes Memorial Library and Nicholas and Athena Karabots Center for Learning

Environmental Protection - Whitemarsh Township should set the example and be the environmental steward of our community.

  • The Township should start by reducing its overall carbon foot print. To that end, energy consumption in all Township buildings should begin switching to renewable energy sources immediately.

  • Township vehicles should be downsized to achieve energy efficiency and the lowest level of emissions.  Alternative fuel vehicles should be considered first where applicable.  This plan is already underway in New York, where the New York City Police Department will get brand new hybrid models that were built specifically as police cars.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nypd-fleet-of-ford-fusion-based-hybrid-cars-2019-07-06/ 

  • The Township should eliminate single-use plastic bottles at all facilities and parks. Furthermore, the use of single-use plastic bags should be discouraged or eliminated in the Township. 

  • The Township should follow the five "Rs” of dealing with waste. Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Rot, and Recycle should be the priority, (and in that order), for dealing with municipal waste from all Township-owned properties.  

  • The Township should manage stormwater on its own properties in a scientifically effective way. Efforts should be made to maintain and deal with all stormwater in place without passing it on downstream. This would include installation of rain gardens, rain barrels, and planting many new trees and meadows.  Currently, the Township is not employing any of these. The principle of bio-mimicry should be used. "Nature knows best." 

  • We need a thoughtful plan where Whitemarsh shows leadership in seeing to the removal of trash and ensuring that our roads and public spaces stay clean. Our Township Public Works department must lead these efforts supported by volunteerism by the willing public.  

  • Whitemarsh should have an "Adopt a Roadway or Park" program where near-by residents take responsibility for cleaning specific areas. Finally, we need a rigorous enforcement program. Simply having signs up that say “Dumping Prohibited” is not enough. Actions that harm our environment should have consequences.

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Ideas 4 Whitemarsh
Ideas 4 Whitemarsh

Party Affiliation

Not Beholden To Any Party

Until now, I have been a life-long Democrat, where, in general elections, I have frequently split my ticket. I have always focused on the issues important to me and not the Party. The current Whitemarsh Democratic Party seems more concerned about party loyalty than about what is best for Whitemarsh residents.  The current Board of Supervisors always seems to speak with one voice, yet there are five members.  It is inconceivable to me that five individuals could be in complete agreement on most issues. Having public dialogue and debate over difficult issues and dissent almost never happens.

Whitemarsh Township deserves better.  We deserve change. 

I do not believe that party affiliation should preclude one's ability to serve as a community leader.   I believe in “Community over Party” and so the most effective-way for me to initiate change is to run as an Independent candidate. 

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Choosing Community Over Party
Choosing Community Over Party

Campaign Footprint

Fiscally and Environmentally Responsible

I will run a campaign that is fiscally and environmentally responsible. My campaign will be self-funded, and I will ask no one for monetary contributions.  There is too much financial waste in campaigns, and I hope to get my message across in a personal impactful way.   Additionally, I will put out some well-placed campaign signs that will be reused by me to build bird houses or other items that have a place in nature.

I will not inundate the voting public with mailers or other items that will wind up in the recycling bin or trash. That never made any sense to me and is antithetical to what I stand for.  Instead, I will use digital media, primarily through my website and blog, to communicate my ideas and encourage Whitemarsh voters to engage with me directly. 

I would like to meet with as many of the voting public as possible between now and November.  My plan is to spend time listening and learning about the concerns of the constituents I look forward to representing. 

It is my hope that residents will welcome me into their homes, share their thoughts with me, hear my ideas, and challenge me where we disagree.  I am a big boy and can take it! 

Connect with me now; send me a message! 

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